The Foundation currently awards three, $1,000 scholarships, renewable for four years ($4000) to a Bedford High School graduate. Beginning in 2004, the Foundation started granting one scholarship for $500, renewable for four years, in memory of former trustee Chris Valley. In 2017 the Foundation started granting one scholarship for $500, renewable for four years, in memory of former Principal Paul G. Ward.  Students apply initially each Spring through the Bedford High School Guidance Office. Foundation members make the selection, which is announced each June.

One of the priorities of The Bedford City Schools Foundation is enhancing quality education. These scholarships are used to help defray the high cost of post-secondary education in colleges and universities both within and outside the Ohio borders. Students are invited back each year to a breakfast meeting, along with parents and guardians, to talk about their college experiences, academic success, and extracurricular projects. Students are selected by an application process at the end of their senior year. Graduates of Bedford City Schools and recipients of these scholarships have proven themselves to be successful, motivated, and altruistic. We applaud their success.

 2017 Scholarships

Paul G. Ward, Jr Scholarship

Robert Lee McClellan, Jr. – $500 a year renewable up to 4 years

 Chris Valley Scholarship
Shemar Brooks – $500 a year renewable up to 4 years

 Bedford City Schools Foundation Scholarships
Justin Satchel – $1000.00  a year renewable up to 4 years
Lauren Morgan – $1000.00 a year renewable up to 4 years
Robin Sims – $1000.00 a year renewable up to 4 years

Furhmeyer  Art Award
Kayla Sanford – Furhmeyer  Art Award $500.00 one time

2016 BCSF Scholarships

Michael Mohnasky

Andrea Harris

Amani Saleem


2016 Chris Valley Scholarship

Destiny Vannoy Bill


2015 BCSF Scholarships

Ryanne Harris

Elise Sampson

Jordyn Williams


2015 Chris Valley Scholarship

Daijahnae Jones




2014 BCSF Scholarships

Maureen Duffy

Elise Lingenfield


2014 Chris Valley Scholarship

Christopher Browning





2013 BCSF Scholarships

Taylor Horton

Evin Littleton

Taylor Ward

Janielle Williams


2013 Chris Valley Scholarship

John Mohnasky – Mount Vernon Nazarine University



2012  BCSF Scholarships

Taylor Horton

Erin Littleton

Taylor Ward

Janiele Williams


2012 Chris Valley Scholarship

Denina Blakely



2011 BCSF Scholarships

Tiara Anthony, University of Cincinnati

Ethan Clements, Miami University

Lisa Penn, The Ohio State University

Nicholas Wetzel, Cleveland State University


2011 Chris Valley Scholarship

Cody Luke – Cleveland State University



2010 BCSF Scholarships

Tashyana Copeland, The Ohio State University

Ashleigh Owens, Howard University

Allison Ragland, Ohio University

Rebecca Werner, Valparaiso University


2010 Chris Valley Scholarship

Timothy Bissler – Kent State University/Tri-C



2009 BCSF Scholarships

Danielle Danko, The Ohio State University

Devin Schwab, Case Western Reserve

Clarissa Smith, The Ohio State University


2009 Chris Valley Scholarship

Sunceray Tabler – Oberlin College



2008 BCSF Scholarships

Ciera Sears, University of Akron

Sharonica Smedley, John Carroll University

Candace Steward, The Ohio State University

Harrison Werner, Miami University


Chris Valley Scholarship

Brittany Hill – Theil College



2007 BCSF Scholarships

Jeffrey DeZort, University of Akron

Sam Freeman III, Ohio University

Donald Fuldauer, University of Akron

Gelise Littlejohn, The Ohio State University



2007 Chris Valley  Scholarship

Qing Qing Ou – Cleveland State University



2006 BCSF Scholarships

Jaleesa Avak, Case Western Reserve

Brandi Freeman, BGSU

Daniel Toaz, The Ohio State University

Elizabeth Yuhas, Cornell Univer


2006 Chris Valley Scholarship

Christine Orchard – Washington University



2005 BCSF Scholarships

Jenna Housiaux-Steward, BW

Rachel Werner, Duquesne University


2005 Chris Valley Scholarship

LeMarqunita Lowe – Bowling Green State University



2004 BCSF Scholarships

Kayla Berkey – Messiah College

Jaclyn Hill – Ohio University

Lindsay Fields – Kent State University



2003 BCSF Scholarships

Erica Baker – Ohio State University

Nicole Steward – Kent State University



2002 BCSF Scholarships

Joshua Gress – Olivet Nazarene University

Sarah Werner – Valparaiso University



2001 BCSF Scholarships

Darlene Huffman – Miami University

Roshini Punjabi – Ohio State University



2000 BCSF Scholarship

Kelly Constant – Case Western Reserve



1999 BCSF Scholarship Danielle Wagner – Kent State University



1998 BCSF Scholarship – Larissa Duritsky – Baldwin-Wallace



1997 BCSF Scholarship – Aurora Mallin – Kent State University



1996 BCSF Scholarship – Kim Parker – Albion College



1995 BCSF Scholarship – Todd Glyde – University of Cincinnati



For more information, contact the Bedford High School Guidance Department at 440-439-4707.