AMINA NIASSE (BCSF –’19)“My first year at the University of Southern California was nothing short of amazing as a first year, I took a diverse set of courses.  I was admitted into USC’s Thematic Option honors program which allowed me to explore writing seminars and humanities courses.  I also took film and journalism classes to fulfill my chosen academic programs and studied French as a requirement of my major. I worked 3 jobs throughout my two semesters, as a student consultant at the American Language Institute, a camera operator at DEN @Vertibi, and as an office assistant in USC’s Economics department. My interests have led me to transfer to Yale University as a political science major and I am excited to dive deeper into the studies I have begun at UC.”

CAYLA BLUFORD (BSCF – ’19) “I have been working hard to improve on my studies and to get good grades. I have made a lot of connections this year and have been researching Greek life.  I applied to be an IRA at my college (Notre Dame College) so that I can the experiences I desired. I was awarded that opportunity, which I am beyond thankful for since I get paid to do this and receive free room and board.  In addition, I have also improved on my character by learning more about myself and how to handle situations when my parents are not there to help. It is only a shame that my year was cut so short because of the coronavirus, as I know I could have grown so much more had it not bee cut short. I am blessed to have been able to live through my first year of college and to have learned so many things.”

CHERRON SMITH (BCSF – ’19)   “I am beyond grateful for thi amazing scholarship that you all have blessed me with. I have been able to be successful throughout my first year at Kent State University!  For a brief update I have changed my major to School Health Education and I am loving every bit of it. On top of my major change I have also been able to join many organizations on campus and even become a part of an e-board! I am currently a K/T mentor which is our cultural orientation for incoming students.  I am the treasurer of GOGirl which is a Christian based organization and I am also a student leader consultant which is a team that assists freshmen as they transition into college life.  Once again, I appreciate this scholarship and the foundation as a whole for giving an opportunity for students to excel.” 

JAVIION COOK (CV – ‘19) – “I am ecstatic to continue being a CV scholar.  A recap of my first year at the University of Cincinnati School of CEAS…Cars are my passion. Knowledge is what I live for. Success is my future. In a world of social unjust, it is my mission to have a name for myself…to hopefully one day be able to give back to those who helped me accomplish my goals and establish who I am. “

DABRIONNE SLAYTON (BCSF -‘18) – “First and foremost, I would like to thank the BSCF for my 2020-2021 school year scholarship awarded towards my academic year at The Ohio State University. College allowed me to deeply seek my niche which has inspired me to switch my major from PR of Journalism, to Strategic Communications. Although the second semester of my sophomore year was interrupted by Covid-19, I utilized my resources very well. I proudly closed the semester off achieving a 3.8 GPA…and found my true passion in business. I continued the position as a mentor of the G.E.M. program which is designed to address gaps in science and literacy among elementary and middle school students; I designed and outlined the Variety Show for the 42nd African American Heritage Festival and was offered the position as co-chair for the 43rd African American Heritage Festival.”

JORDAN BRIGGS (BCSF – ‘18)“Thank you for investing in my education, your support and kindness has been uplifting these past couple of years. This year I was able to form professional relationships with my peers and learn so much about the craft of filmmaking. I had the opportunity to be the script supervisor for a short film called “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” …tracking continuity for the film.  This year I also changed my minor from Journalism to Media Production. I’m part of Thompson Family Scholars…community service program and a Team Leader for the Bowling Green State University diversity program, SMART and a member of BG Red, a club dedicated to fostering student interest in the arts.”

DANIEL BURRELL (CV – ’18) – “My 2019-2020 Academic School Year at John Carroll University can be viewed as a rollercoaster. Fall 2019, I studied abroad in Italy for the semester and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I studied at Pontifical Urbaniana U, in Vatican City throughout the remainder of my semester in Italy.  I was able to travel across Italy during my studies experience where my group went to Sorrento, Pompeii, Milan, Venice, Siena Arezzo, Bergamo, and many more. During my independent travel I went to London, Manchester and Oxford, England, Geneva, Switzerland, Chamonix Mont blanc, France and my ancestral home country and city Krakow Poland.  Even though COVID-19 has made 2020 an interesting year to put it nicely, I feel I made many accomplishments during this school year by Studied Abroad, making new friends, declared my major and minor, kept my GPA up, and making Dean’s list three semesters in a row: COVID-19 did not ruin my 2019-2020 academic school year and has taught me a lesson.”

JUSTIN SATCHEL (BCSF – ’17) “Currently I am a rising senior at Case Western Reserve University and am on track to graduate on time! This was my first semester choosing to officially pursue other career choices other than medical school.  Instead, I devoted my time toward embracing my major in Cognitive Science and minor in Psychology. This year was full of change.  But, if there’s any advice I could give to anyone, it would be that no matter what, it is okay to change your mind.  These changes show growth…lean into the discomfort and the unknown.  There’s never a wrong time to seek what brings light to your life. As always, thank you BCSF for being supportive of my endeavors. You are truly one of the things I am most thankful for in my college career. CWRU is an expensive school and to offset the cost of anything is a help that I cannot begin to explain.  Again, thank you for allowing me the room to search for myself throughout college and to be remembered as an exceptional graduate of BHS, and a student of the BCSD since kindergarten.  You’re all people with beautiful, giving hearts and that does not go unnoticed.”

ROBIN SIMS (BSCF – ’17) “I would like to start off by saying thank you for your financial support throughout my college experience.  I have worked hard to finish these past two semesters strong even transitioning through the pandemic. I was able to move off campus after my sophomore year of college. I struggled trying to balance working and a taking a full load of classes.   I wanted to stay as active as possible with on campus clubs and there was always someone who would keep me updated about the meetings that I missed. These organizations included: Sister-Sister mentoring, The Ohio club, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Tuskegee University Pre-Alumni Council.  I had the opportunity to join a Pre-Dental Association where information about applying to dental school is posted and tips for studying for the Dental Admission test.  Spring semester was a life changing experience. I would have never thought a pandemic would hit right in the middle of my junior year. Professors were more understanding and helpful throughout the transition. I was determined to finish the semester strong with the help of classmates, professors and mentors from the senior class.  Overall, this semester I learned that no matter what changes occur throughout my life or education I have to be ready to adjust and continue to be hard driven.  Thank you for your support, continue to stay safe.”

LAUREN MORGAN (BCSF – ’17) “I have completed my second year at Central State University. Despite returning home and having to complete the remainder of my semester online I finished with a 4.0GPA. While attending CSU I have also served as the secretary to the Pre-Law Society and have been elected to serve as the Vice-President for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic school year. I have also joined the university admissions team as a tour guide.  I also devoted a great deal of my time to the American Democracy Project – an initiative that seeks to create an intellectual and experiential understanding of civic engagement to produce graduates that are engaging in meaningful actions as citizens in a democracy. I am excited to move into my third year of college and would like to thank you all for the support as I continue my education.

SHEMAR BELLE-BROOKS (CV-17) – “…I am months away from obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  I will soon be able to to say ‘I recently graduated from the world renowned Full Sail University…’ Writing this personal letter to the scholarship committee has made me evaluate all of the growth in my pursuits after leaving Bedford High School. During my time at Full Sail U. I have started working with the Student Community Association.  There were many good and bad things that I had to experience while working there. I found more friends that I will cherish throughout my life by being a part of this program. I joined the Full Sail Coding Club. During my time there I have networked with some people nestled into senior management ad more importantly they have a sense of belonging at their companies and in their careers. In conclusion, this global pandemic has opened society’s eyes when choosing a career path that is viable if the world shuts down again.  The question I asked myself was ‘will I be a essential personnel with this degree?’  Software developers are essential to sustaining U.S. economic vitality.  This comforts me knowing I truly have chosen a career that is vital to the growth of development of the world.